AM 48 is the developer of The Boulevard – Lisbon Apartments

AM48 started its activity in 2012, entering the market with a new attitude and vision, since the know-how gathered during years of experience has proven to be successful not only in the Portuguese market but also internationally, and yielded the company with wide and diversified knowledge about the markets. Those aspects made AM48 an organization capable of offering a new valuable relationship to its customers. Real Estate Promotion is currently, and will always be, the company’s core business. AM48 started its activity with the rehabilitation of the residential project ÓPERA LX Building in Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon. Nevertheless, we are now extending the scope of activity to different market segments, namely Tourism and Industry. AM48 is formed by righteous, rigorous, engaged professionals, committed to our projects, bacause we want to be leaders, innovative, creative, adaptable, foresee the market’s needs, in order to antecipate the achievement of new ideals. The organization excels, and intends to maintain since its foundation harmonized stability and growth, as a result of constant and thorough studies performed in different market segments. Only that way, it is possible for AM48 to improve the quality of the products offered and services provided, since for us having quality is permanently a primary concern in our different performance areas. In AM48 the future is our reality.


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